Support for Berlin Group v1.3.6 and minor fixes

We are pleased to announce that we will soon be releasing support for Berlin Group v1.3.6. This change consists primarily of support for the confirmation link in the response to the initial consent or payment request plus the addition of support for additional scaStatus values as defined by Berlin Group v1.3.6.

Note that the confirmation link is a synonym for the proprietary scaStatus link that we already provided, and we will continue to maintain backwards compatibility with the scaStatus link.

Expected release date is 30/10/2020.

New ScaStatus codes

scaMethodSelected - this replaces received as the initial status, in accordance with the Berlin Group spec.
started - the PSU has started the authorisation process.
unconfirmed - the PSU has completed the authorisation process. Exchange the authorisation code for an access token and pass it to the confirmation link to complete the process. The scaStatus will then change to finalised.
failed - the PSU has cancelled the authorisation process.
finalised - we already supported this value; it means that the SCA process is complete.

Bugfix for the oAuth state parameter

We are also fixing a bug whereby the state parameter in your initial request was not being appended to your registered redirectUri in case the PSU cancelled the request.